Grinding balls !

A trip to Scunthorpe today to photograph some new castings to update a companies website. I always find it fascinating to see how things are made and it’s great being able to get so close up. One of the shots from today are of large grinding balls being put into position. The low angle and having the worker in the shot really gives it scale.

1st Early Lift

An early weekend start on the River Tees this morning as the first of many lifts over the next few months were planned. The idea of the shot wasn’t only to photograph something being lifted on to a ship but to show the scale and the whereabouts of the location. It was a little test of the nerves going up in a cherry picker on a windy and rainy morning so close to the river, but I was in expert safe hands with the health and safety officer. Thank you !

A day of Action.

Nursing staff from across the North-East and Cumbria joined the demonstration at the Angel of the North, in Gateshead. It was one of 40 events organised by the Royal College of Nursing, which was the second day of its planned “summer of protest”. The one per cent cap on public sector pay rises was imposed by the Government in 2010, which the RCN says means nurses have effectively suffered a 14 per cent pay cut in real terms. I was asked to go along to the peaceful protest and cover the event. As you can see my image made the front page of the RCN national magazine. #well pleased 🙂

One for the foodies

A day of photographing food today for a new healthy living booklet. The food stylist for the day was You-tube local fitness and diet chef Joe Sexton. From pasta to rice dishes and from meat to veggie dishes that all tasted great, perks of the job.

Blue !

Now these are a good bunch of guys. Blue performed 2 private gig’s near Sunderland and I was asked to cover both of the event’s. It was more an acoustic set with only 1 acoustic guitar accompanying the band played by the fantastic Arron Forbes. The sound was amazing , now these boys can sing.

Finally an hour of decent weather !

Even some of the simplest of shots can take some planning. A group shot outside a building, what could go wrong ?, well the British weather for one. This job was nearly 3 weeks in the planning but with all the bad weather we have had there was finally a break in the weather and with 2 hours notice everyone was assembled, the shot was taken and it was in the newspaper the following day.

Spray Painting

Its always worth taking a few bin bags for camera and lighting gear protection on jobs where theres a chance your gear can get damaged. This job was no exception, I had to wear protective clothing and face mask on this job due to the toxic paint being used. Of course you must think of the equipment as well, bin bags and gaffa tape, money spent well.

Great North Run- again

It was that time of year again when the largest half marathon starts in Newcastle passes through South Tyneside and finishes at South Shields. This year I was placed in the middle of the Tyne Bridge, a true spectacle of colour, excitement and noise and a flypast of the one and only Red Arrow’s.

Never Work With Animals, – So They Say !

They say don’t work with animals but this was a fun shoot to do. This is Skye a beautiful dog owned my my client. We had quite a few set ups to do and Skye modelled like a pro. I wondered if the set up of lights and people around her would be distracting but no all went to plan. Fortunately all of the shots were in the can when Skye decided the shoot was over and it was time for walkies.

Chairman and Vice Chairman

As DCC bring in a new Chairman and Vice Chairman I was asked to go to County Hall and take the official photographs which will be used for their full term. These gentleman are very busy people so the lighting was set up about an hour before they arrived and I only had a few minutes with each before they had to leave for their official duties.

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